An ESP8266 based wifi motion sensor with RGB indicator LED, incorporating 2x normally open inputs, temperature, luminance, pressure, humidity and (optionally) noxious-gas sensors.

This board shares the base design from the Mini sensor but replaces the
DS18B20+ sensor with BME280 (temperature/pressure/humidity) and LTR329ALS
(luminance) sensors.

The BME280 sensor may be swapped out for a BME680 which also includes a
noxious gas sensor. The firmware determines the type of sensor installed at
build time by configuring the sensor type solder jumper.


Common to both variants:

  • Power Input: JST-XH 2 pin (DC 5-20v polarity tolerant)
  • Processor: ESP12F
  • RGB LED: Driven by PCA9531
  • Motion Sensor: AM612
  • Input Pins: 2x JST-XH 2 pin
  • Luminance Sensor: LTR329ALS

Variant 1:

  • Temperature/Pressure/Humidity Sensor: BME280

Variant 2:

  • Temperature/Pressure/Humidity Sensor/Noxious Gas Sensor: BME680


Firmware for the sensor is the VK3GO common ESP sensor firmware.


3D Render
3D Render 2
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Under Development
14 Nov 2020